Now - Version Q2 2016

I'm co-founder at FinTech Startup Fruitful, where we are building a marketplace for mortgages that will enable first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder. This means my day job is balanced between been hands on and writing the code for our Ruby on Rails based platform and taking care of the CTO/management aspects of the business like hiring developers.

I'm also organising Liverpool JavaScript User Group. This means booking in speakers where possible, or filling in gaps in the schedule by putting together informal workshops and dojos to keep the group active.

The other meetup I organised, Liverpool Startup Club has gone into hibernation. Unlike JSUG it's difficult getting speakers that aren't just dull pitches by companies trying to sell something, so I'm just letting it tick over and will run the occasional event if something interesting crops up.

I've been trying to help out the local chapter of CodeClub, an after school club that teaches kids how to code that takes place each Wednesday in Liverpool Central Library. The child friendly start time isn't really compatible with the demands of working at a Startup, so I only make it along to the occasional session and can't take any of the credit for getting it going.

Finally, I've been able to pick up my efforts in learning my Wife's native language now that Duolingo have finally released their Welsh Language module. I'm still a long way off been able to hold a conversation, but it's progress in the right direction. You can see how I'm getting on at my Duolingo profile.


Watching: As a couple, X-Files, from the beginning. On my own, Stargate from the beginning.
Gaming: Just finished Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. 
Reading: Originals by Adam Grant


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