Liverpool Events Calendars and Digests

Liverpool Startup Digest

The Liverpool issue of the Startup Digest is maintained by Simon Holgate - Founder of Sea Level Research - and is sent out each Tuesday. The signup process is a little clunky, but it's well worth it to get a good spectrum of local events. The local link is

Thinking Liverpool

Maintained by Paul Furley the Thinking Liverpool digest collects a different slice of local "Talks, Debates & Thought-Provoking Events" and can be found at

Liverpool Digital Events Calendar

The Liverpool Digital Events Calendar is crowd-sourced calendar of events and can be found on the short URL

DoES Liverpool Calendar

DoES Liverpool have been running events in Liverpool for over 4 years now, with a meeting room suitable for 12 or so people around a set of tables, or around 35 - 40 in a more traditional seated setup and a workshop for the more hands on meetups like Maker Night. The calendar of events is at

Launch 22 Calendar

Launch 22 are new to Liverpool but have hit the ground running with their own events and providing a larger space for free to meetups who don't charge. Their calendar is over at have done a great job of capturing the market of people running meet-up events and helping people discover new events and groups across networks. Take a look at the local events at

Side note: As an event organiser I haven't found a better tool yet. Eventbrite has an advantage for a one-off event, particularly if you're charging for tickets but for regular groups right now is by far the best tool on the market. A few people I've spoken to in the past have been put off by the cost (~£12 per month) but the trade off is fewer people turning up to your events and you need to invest time in doing all the tasks provides so personally I think the price is well worth paying.

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