Annual and Quarterly Events in Liverpool


20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds gives each presenter just 5 minutes to talk about their passion. There have been 22 events since July 2015, 23 is already planned for November. Past topics include everything from import topics like "Why beer costs so much in pubs" and "A flag for Liverpool" to "Jessica Fletcher killed all those people in Murder, She Wrote and I can prove it." and "The best selling singles of the 1980s’ (sung)"

If you only go to one event in Liverpool, make it Ignite. More details, past videos and tickets for the next event at:


OggCamp is - to paraphrase Dan Lynch in the showreel - "a Free Culture and Free Software conference all about tech, also about art and technology. ... Mix of BarCamp-style talks and scheduled conference track. ... All about getting people to learn new things and share ideas". This year (2015) OggCamp will be held on October 31st and 1st November and there is more information and tickets on the website

TEDx Liverpool

Year after year the TEDx Liverpool team push the bar for quality events higher with a perfect balance of international heavyweights like Sir Ken Robbinson alongside unique homegrown voices like the team behind The Anfield Bakery telling their story. Visit to watch videos of past speakers and join the mailing list to find out when tickets are released for the event on the 26th of June 2016.

And just down the road...

Thinking Digital Manchester

Curated by Herb Kim and his team, a lot of locals - myself included - have made the trip up to Thinking Digital in Newcastle multiple times and consider it a highlight of the conference circuit. Now there is an event closer to home, on the 3rd of November 2016 and it's very much worth checking out. You can get full details at