Fireside Chat with Lynne Robertson from Santander's Liverpool Startup Incubator, 9th October 2014

At this months Liverpool Startup Club we had Lynne Robertson who is heading up Santander's new startup incubator in Liverpool come in to share her story and tells us what's going on in their St Paul's offices.

Lynne gave us a great insight into her background, from running a small business in the fashion industry, joining John Moores University and Baltic Creative's board of directors, until been head hunted by Santander to manage their new incubator project here in Liverpool.

Going on to give us a fascinating insight into why such a huge organisation would invest in startups, and in Liverpool of all places it definitely came across as a very forward thinking, while taking on board a lean philosophy themselves and working hard at adapting their project to best fit the needs of the businesses going through their program.

Follow-Up Elsewhere on the Web

We also had Ash from LeanConf join us this month, reminding us about LeanConf 2014 in Manchester, 17th and 18th November.

Liverpool Startup Club regular Chris Roberts has been podcasting over at

For more background, you could read Chief Executive Ana Botin talking to the Telegraph about the Santander Incubator in Liverpool, their FinTech investment fund and challenging the “big four” to grow: