ECMAScript 6 with Matt Bourke, October 14th 2014

Our speaker at the last Liverpool JavaScript User Group (LJSUG) was meetup organiser Matt Bourke, who gave us a preview of his upcoming talk at CFCamp on what we can expect to see in the next ECMAScript release, ECMAScript 6. 

High level talks about internals are always difficult to pull off (As I noted in my notes from PHPNW) but Matt did a great job of highlighting a bunch of the new features and how they can be used.

What really caught my attention was how similar they were to new features in PHP with varidic functions and generators jumping out at me at the two most useful. I’m still not sure on the exact use cases that make generators useful, but the fact both PHP and JavaScript feel the need to add them suggests at least some utility so I’m making a point of exploring the design patterns and use cases that make them attractive features.