Fruity-Forms at #AngularJSLondon

On the 21st of August I gave a talk at the Angular JS London Meetup in Campus London about how we are using Angular Directives at Fruitful as a collaboration between developers and designers.

I've had a lot of people ask about releasing the code directly in some fashion, and right now that's not so easy to do - There is a lot of CSS that's tied up directly in our core product and we deliberately made the choice to keep things simple and bespoke. On the other hand, the code in production today, just a week after I gave the talk is significantly different.

With that in mind, over the next week I am going to put together a simpler set of custom directives using the same approach and patterns we use at Fruitful, but stripped back to use just plain bootstrap theming and without some of the heavy customization tied to our in house APIs.

Slides browseable below, or in full in their gallery view.