Barcamp London X - September 27th - 28th 2014

I spent this weekend inside Microsoft’s London Customer Center for Barcamp London X. An unconference organised by the Geeks of London.

The Talks

At an unconference, all the sessions are run by the attendees on what ever topic they want, so at #bclx this year the topics were as wide ranging as technical sessions about AngularJS, R, Haskell and git. There were startup focused sessions on topics such as funding, hiring, and remote working. Discussions on important issues like the importance of diversity within teams, gender issues, solar panels, and open learning. Along with totally random topics like personal genome sequencing, knitting, mixing the perfect Old Fashioned Cocktail, Oculus Rift demos, Doctor Who, Travel, and Polyphasic Sleeping. I also did a session myself, though I cheated a bit and re-used my Fruity-Forms talk about Angular Directives following on from another AngularJS talk to offer a different perspective on the topic which lead to some good conversation on our approach and the patterns we've been working with and how other people have tackled similar things.

The Food

Most of the pictures I took were of the food, mostly because I try to avoid taking pictures of people directly, and rooms full of people aren't terribly exciting to look at. I also use pictures of food from events I've been to as a reference point when I organise events myself. The Barcamp London crew get top marks for the range and quality of the food they put on and they continue to be the best catered event I've been too, with the exception of Thinking Digital’s evening events.

The Social

Barcamps are really all about the people, and over the course of the weekend I had loads of interesting and insightful conversations, played some board games, helped someone debug some code by introducing them to the REST API tool Postman, and caught up with many familiar faces I know from events around the country.